A week after the show and it’s time for reflection…


We had a blast! This whole term has felt like pure dedication from the children, we didn’t have to push them to learn lines, or encourage attendance, everyone gave their all.


I have said before how I wanted the school to feel like a family. A family instead of a typical theatre school, where all we focus on is the result, I wanted the children to feel confident in their groups, accepted, happy and loved. I truly believe we have achieved this and I am so incredibly proud, it’s what makes us different. When I watched the children on the stage they all looked happy, excited, not scared about getting things wrong, exactly how we wanted it.


Next term we are going to be slightly more chilled, but with the dance festival and carnival coming up there is still lots to do!

Thank you for supporting our little school, we couldn’t do it with out you all 🙂