A year on…

Myself (T) and Lillie are nearly coming to the end of our first school year of running The Long Overdue Theatre School – alongside our long standing company Stories and More.

So, what have we learnt – we never knew how to be busy until we ran two companies, had a family and try to maintain some kind of social life haha! But in all seriousness, I have loved it, yes at times I wanted to pull my hair out from the sheer panic of getting the show ready or making sure I had responded to emails/text but it has put me in good stead to moving forward.

I know what works now and what doesn’t, how best to communicate with our parents at the school, how to make sure the children get the most out of their classes and how not to put too much stress on both myself and the children.

After the shows I could not have been prouder, the work leading up to that moment had been hard, the children worked hard as did the staff, but they absolutely pulled it out of the bag and you could tell they were enjoying themselves, both on and back stage, so much and it made all that effort completely worthwhile.

Would I do the same again? Yes and no, yes I would like to do more full scale performances, mixed in with slightly smaller ones, but I would change a lot of the way that we did things. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get things perfect, I felt we had something to prove, so we didn’t ask for help – when maybe we should have.

I think my thoughts on the Theatre School is that I want to make it a family, we support each other, we encourage each other and above all I just want the children to love it. I don’t want that pressure of making them feel like they have to be the best, I want them to try their best and just enjoy doing it – because if it becomes too much, then what’s the point?

If every child smiles when they come in, if they are kind to each other, if they make friends, if they have fun performing and leave smiling, then I am doing what I set out to do.

So if you are new, welcome to the family, if you are ‘old’ then look at the family we have – it’s pretty special.

Here’s to many more years!

Dates for your Diary

20th June – Andover Dance Festival
This is for the Main School students who have let me know
15th July – Andover Carnival Main Stage
All Main School Students – details will be emailed.
Monday 16th July
End of term showing for the Shorties class