A week after the show and it’s time for reflection…


We had a blast! This whole term has felt like pure dedication from the children, we didn’t have to push them to learn lines, or encourage attendance, everyone gave their all.


I have said before how I wanted the school to feel like a family. A family instead of a typical theatre school, where all we focus on is the result, I wanted the children to feel confident in their groups, accepted, happy and loved. I truly believe we have achieved this and I am so incredibly proud, it’s what makes us different. When I watched the children on the stage they all looked happy, excited, not scared about getting things wrong, exactly how we wanted it.


Next term we are going to be slightly more chilled, but with the dance festival and carnival coming up there is still lots to do!

Thank you for supporting our little school, we couldn’t do it with out you all 🙂



I wanted to express our love at the moment for the children of our Theatre School.

It feels as though a shift has happen, a gear change, all our children have suddenly got a passion for what we do. They are all working incredibly hard, they are supporting each other and are proud of what they are achieving. The standard is being lifted and honestly we could not be prouder.

We don’t strive for THE best, we strive for the children at THEIR best – this being happy, excited, feeling safe and supported. We are a family and boy do we love our family!

Don’t forget that all of the children are requested to perform in Andover Town Centre on Sunday 16th December- Times TBC. Here we will be singing Christmas Carols, mixed with some other lovely songs and maybe a couple of cheeky dance routines too! Can’t wait.

Pass us on, tell your friends, this is the place to be!!

Autumn/Winter Term

Yes we are still technically in Summer, but we are sooo looking forward to getting back and getting stuck in!

Term starts back week commencing 10th September and we run until 7th December.

We begin with ‘Bring a Friend Week’! Our good old favourite. This week is an important one for us, it’s very hard for a child to just decide they want to come, or a parent to think ‘how about this?’ – we thrive on word of mouth. So bringing a friend along because, maybe you like to sing your hearts out in the school toilets or perform to your friends in the playground at break (this was very much me by the way), it gives them a chance to see what we are all about. And maybe, if they like it, they will want to join us too, that means you get to see your bestie more than once in a day! Bring a Friend Week will be running on either Monday 10th September or Friday 14th September depending on your class.

After the October half term break (22nd – 26th October) we will be working on our Christmas carols for our singing session in the town on Sunday 16th December. A great way to showcase our young talent in our classes and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Class 3’s have a very exciting term ahead as they try something new – Children’s Theatre, with a show written by myself and Lillie, Adventures with Sam: In Outer Space.

You would think this would come naturally, as they are still children themselves, but it is very hard to get children’s theatre just right. How to interact with the audience, keep the energy high the whole time, be playful, fun and very much out of their comfort zones – I’m looking forward to seeing how they get on. They will have full costume, script and set but what they do with it all is their choice, they are the producers, directors and stage managers of the whole show. This will then be performed to our ‘Shorties’ and invited family/friends. Date TBC.



So a busy term ahead, but a heads up we have already booked our concert show date in March!!! Wednesday 20th March at The Lights -eeeek!!

See you soon!!!