I wanted to express our love at the moment for the children of our Theatre School.

It feels as though a shift has happen, a gear change, all our children have suddenly got a passion for what we do. They are all working incredibly hard, they are supporting each other and are proud of what they are achieving. The standard is being lifted and honestly we could not be prouder.

We don’t strive for THE best, we strive for the children at THEIR best – this being happy, excited, feeling safe and supported. We are a family and boy do we love our family!

Don’t forget that all of the children are requested to perform in Andover Town Centre on Sunday 16th December- Times TBC. Here we will be singing Christmas Carols, mixed with some other lovely songs and maybe a couple of cheeky dance routines too! Can’t wait.

Pass us on, tell your friends, this is the place to be!!